This page is a catch-all page for what we are up to lately.    We will have other information for you to look at and enjoy.  Check back often to see what kind of good eatin' is goin' on.  Scroll down to see what we have been up to lately.

Our long time friend, Loal Jacobson had an early 90th birthday party.  His family wanted to hold a celebration for him while he was in Wyoming so they and Loals local friends could celebrate the occasion.  There were over 100 guests and family in attendance. The family gave us the honor to supply the birthday meal. The party was held at Govenor Matt Meads brothers home, Brad Mead.  With a few weeks of planning done by his family the party got under way, and what a great day it was.  We arrived early to get the wagon and camp all set up for the occasion.  Loals sons and their  wifes were all there to help us out.  Loal worked for many years at this very ranch and had the Govenor and his siblings as hands.  He must have made a big impression on them because the Govenor wrote a very moving letter to Loal that was read by his son Tim to all the guests and was met with a rousing applause.  Vince and Mindy were setting the mood with the fine cowboy music they were playing.  Daughter in law Tracy was mixing some mean huckleberry martini's and Vicki and I were fixing the evening meal that Loal picked himself.  We had starters of relish trays and cowboy cavier.  Then the main meal of BBQ beef, teryaki grilled chicken, cowboy beans, tossed green salad, dinner roll with apple/blackberry and peach/blueberry cobblers.  Everyone loved the meal and the desserts and eating around the chuck wagon made the evening complete.  And as a special surprise, one of Loal's longtime friends made his favorite dessert, lemon marange pie, which he promptly blew out the candles on and started eating.  It was a very windy day, but as the supper bell rang, the wind died down and everyone had a very enjoyable time.  Friend Melenie had taken a picture of Loal horseback in the Teton wilderness over the summer and they had that framed and everyone in attendence signed the frame for Loal to keep.  We want to thank Loal and the Jacobson family for letting us be a part of a great celebration for our good friend.  Till we meet again.

Loal Jacobson at his 90th birthday celebration in Jackson Wyoming, 9-15-2012 His actual birthday is January 9th, but he is in Arizona in the winter so they had it early so his family and Wyoming friends could be there. His daughter in law Liz getting the sign in table ready His daughter in law Tracy, getting the saloon ready, she made a killer hulckleberry martini
Vicki put together a little calage with a poem she wrote her cowboy friend Here is Vicki's poem to her friend Loal and Vicki posing at the wagon before the guests arrive Mi Compadre is muey fino compenllero
Just in case everyone didn't know Guests starting to arrive and get this party started It got really windy so had to use the Meads backyard grill to do the chicken Some teryaki chicken grilling
The view from the Meads back yard grill, glad I got the grilling duty Loal with some of the guests Everyone getting ready for a fine meal Vince and Mindy singing some great old cowboy tunes
Son Chris serving up some BBQ beef Son Tom serving up some cowboy beans Son Tim reading the letter from Wyoming Govenor Matt Mead to Loal and the guests Loal and the guests listening as Tom reads the Govenors letter
Laol and friends with daughter in law Tracy blowing out his birthday candles on his favorite, lemon marange pie

Got to have our office window looking at the Tetons again for another great event.  The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce asked us to provide a chuck wagon bbq supper for their Fall Arts Festival historic ranch tours at the Snake River Ranch.  This ranch was established in 1929 at the base of the Tetons.  Talk about a tough place and a tough year to start a business.  But that is why its historic.  One of the owners, Barbara Hauge gave a ranch tour to 100 guests that had toured the historic Walton ranch earlier in the day.  After their tour they were greeted with BBQ beef, cowboy beans, caesar salad, dinner roll and a dessert of apple/blackberry crisp.  Their was some libations to go around and had some western music playing.  It was the prettiest day we have had yet, clear, cool and no wind, just fantastic.  Thanks to Katie Wolitarsky from the chamber, Barbara and ranch manager Lance from the Snake River Ranch for having us.  The drivers for the guests came to us and told us that the meal was the best that they had ever had doing this for years, hard to argue with that, those are the comments we like to hear and we got many, many thank you's and really great meal from the guests, so, hard to argue with that too. Thanks, and look forward to next year.  Oh, and the wagon was a big hit to.

Getting set up at Snake River Ranch Vicki waiting for the tour guests to arrive The chamber of commerce gang and volunteers setting up the supper area Here is our office window view for the day, not to shabby
Some of the original ranch buildings with the Tetons as a kicker The new main ranch house A really cool big red barn The chuck wagon fit right in
Apple blackberry crisp almost ready to bake, yuuuuum! Ranch owner, Barbara Hauge, Ranch manager, Lance, Katie Wolitarsky, and chamber volunteers planning our next move Katie Wolitarsky checking to make sure the wagon camp is good to go Vicki and Shana ready to serve some fantastic food
The tour guests starting their tour of the historic Snake River Ranch Some of the original equipment The tour guests getting the history on the barn The guests sitting down to a fine meal
Western entertainment for the evening As soon as the word dessert comes out, the line starts Finishing off a grand day with a grand meal and dessert

We were asked by Nate and Ashley Fuller to provide a BBQ wedding reception dinner at Moose Creek Ranch.  A really nice private place at the base on the western side of the Tetons.  Got to do the prepping inside this time and good thing too, cause we had some big thunder bumpers move through and give us a good soakin.  They held their reception in the big barn and they really had it decorated up nice in a western style.  The menu consisted of BBQ pork, baked beans, sandwich rolls, corn bread, coleslaw, fruit salad.  We had starters of cheese and crackers.  We brought along some extras for them of BBQ beef, and a cream cheese dip we made up special.  The couple arrived in a pouring rain but nobody minded and a great time was had by all.  Thanks for having us and congradulations.

We were at Moose Creek Ranch for another wedding for Nate and Ashley Fuller Setting up in the barn for a western reception Looking out over the grounds from the lodge Got to work inside for a change, good thing too cause it poured
Getting set up before the guests arrive The candy bar They really had the barn decorated up nice Vicki sure knows how to make a starter look fancy, and we came up with a really nice cream cheese dip for them special and it was really good and didn't last long
This was a really good fruit salad, and very pretty Startin the supper line Nate and Ashley had some awsome looking pies for dessert Vicki putting the final touches on the serving table
The guests starting to arrive in a driving rain Everyone enjoying the BBQ reception dinner The royalty table

We were asked by Brenda Roberts from the Jackson Hole Historical Society if we could come and give a chuck wagon demonstration to a summer school camp bunch of kids for their education program.  Well what do you say to a bunch of kids, well sure we will.  Sometimes you do a very small thing to help someone out and it turns into a big deal.  Well this is one of those times.  The kids and the teachers really enjoyed the wagon demonstration and the stories of the cattle trail.  But something very unexpected happened.  A couple guys were driving by where we were set up and noticed the wagon, so they turned around and came back to have a closer look.  Allan and John.  Well as it turns out, Allen is a very close friend of Taylor Swift's, you all know, the  counry music star.  So once he finds out that we are hosting a bunch of kids, he goes back to his rig and pulls out a big box and comes back to the tables and starts handing out Taylor Swift souveniers to the kids that she has given him to give out to her fans that he finds along the way to show her appreciation.  Now as a young fan, wouldn't that have been very very cool to have happen and all because of the wagon sitting there did this happen.  Sometimes you just have to wonder.  We talked about some wounded warrior stuff, John and I are both veterens and Allans son is a recent one.  It was a really great day for the kids and the teachers and a pretty good day for us too.  We also had some folks from Germany and Northern Ireland stop by to take some pics and find out about the history of the wagon, the lady from Ireland, her father was a wheel wright, so she had a lot of knowledge already and showed me a couple things.  What a great day, thanks again to Brenda and the teachers and especially the kids.  Lets do it again!

One of our new top hands showing off his bowie knife Brenda Roberts from the Historical Society hauling water for the chuck wagon games John saw the wagon from the road and stopped in to have a look Some of the new hired hands checking out the wagon
Allan passing out some Taylor Swift gifts to the new wranglers John making sure he didn't miss anything The new hands playing some chuck wagon camp games Allan passing out some more Taylor Swift gifts to the hands, he was a hard act to follow
The children all wrote out thank you cards to give to Cooky after their lesson on the wagon Here is the whole top hand gang after chuck wagon school graduation

In the catering business, once in a while a really nice job comes along and did we get one the other night.  The Jackson Hole Historical Society asked us to provide a chuck wagon BBQ at their annual Slim Lawrence Get together.  This is an appreciation dinner for all their members and friends that support them thruout the year.  They hold  it at a  historic ranch in the Jackson area and this year it was at the Hanson Ranch at the Lower Bar B C in the Spring Gulch area at the base of the Tetons.  This is Governer Meads family and his sister Muffy was on hand to give some history growing up on the ranch.  They had a really great western band, Shelly and Kelly and friends, a silent auction tent, a saloon and of course we had the chuck wagon camp all set up for everyone to enjoy, and enjoy they did.  I gave lots of mini tours of the wagon and answered tons of questions and lots and lots of pictures were taken.  The menu was mesquite smoked pork, BBQ beef, spinach salad, New Orleans southern corn with banana cake, apple pie and strawberry rubarb pie.  We had starters of Artichoke dip with bagettes and crakers and cowboy cavier and tortilla chips.  It was a really fun evening, it was a beautiful day and everyone loved the food, what more could you ask for.  We want to thank Liz and Jean and everyone else at the Historical Society that helped out.  And a special thanks to Mary Jane Ashmore for having us at their Hillwood Development by Ross Perot Jr.  Small world aint it.

Arriving at the BBQ site to start setting up for the evening Getting the wagon camp all set up Here are the girls getting some of the evening meal ready, L to R, Vennesa, Kayce, Vicki, Patty We sure go thru a lot of lemonade in this part of the country
The chuck wagon and the fire box all set and ready for pictures Some of the guests starting to arrive. Everyone heads to the saloon first. We were camped at the Lower Bar B C Ranch, the hayfield was the perfect spot Our new fly for the evening, 60 x 180, now thats protection
Here's the menu for the evening supper, I was asked a hundred times what does we don't rent pigs mean, they better make a sequal to Lonesome Dove soon to refresh peoples memory We were at the base of the Tetons but was overcast but still very pretty day Vicki and some new friends hanging at the wagon Our new compadres Mindy and Andy getting the dessert's ready for the rush
Vicki giving last minute instructions to the crew, she is an awsome cosinero The band Shelly and Kelly starting to kick it in gear, they were really great Everyone needs a little cowboy wisdom Starting to get in the chuck line after the triangle sounded off
Everyone enjoying the wagon on their way to some fine dining oh and dessert too! Patty serving up some spinach salad, greans with bacon, yummy Vennesa and Vicki serving up some mesquite smoked beef and pork Kayce dishing up some New Orleans southern corn, it was very good
Everyone listening to some speakers after dinner Mighty fine looking camp Some great items at the silent auction tent The Goveners sister Muffy who grew up on the ranch giving the last speech of the evening

We were asked by the National Elk Refuge honchos to provide a chuck wagon camp and cooking demonstration for their 100th year anniversary at the historic Miller house on the refuge.  The Miller house is one of the early homesteads in the Jackson area and is now located on the Elk feed grounds.  Mrs. Miller was one of the famous ladys on the all female town council for Jackson which in its day was a very big deal to have all women in those positions or any women for that matter.  We set a record day for visitors to visit the muesum mostly due to the wagon.  We provided samples of peach and mixed berry cobbler to all the guests and the volunteers that were there.  We were asked hundreds of questions about the wagon and the cow trail era and met a lot of nice folks from all over the country.  They had a really nice time looking at the wagon and all the antiques and learning about that time period in our country's history.  Was a great day and we had lots of fun.

Vicki posing for the press Vicki getting the cobbler samples ready with Snow King in the background Our first visitor of the day checking out the camp Vicki and Sage taking a break between visitors
The chuck wagon camp with the historic Miller house in the background The historic Miller house on the Nationl Elk Refuge Our wagon with Ol Glory waving


Found ourselves at the Rancho Alegre Resort south of Jackson doing a private BBQ for Jeff Blust and Tari Stull and their extended family.  The resort is a very large house that has been transformed into a staying place for larger groups with very pretty tree'ed grounds and great views of the Tetons.  We had a very grand time with the whole bunch.  They had western entertainer Ray Callaway playing guitar and reciting some cowboy poetry.  Ray is a friend of theirs and ours from our Arizona days and he plays out of Dubois Wyoming in the summer.  Jeff worked at one of the historic dude ranches in Wickenburg,  the Flying E, a neighboring ranch to Los Cab where Vicki spent so many years, so we knew lots of the same friends.  We had a menu of New York strip steak, sauted mushrooms, garlic ginger grilled chicken breasts, baked beans, corn on the cob with cilantro lime butter, tossed green salad and biscuits.  There was lots of singing and dancing, some wine, some hooping and hollering, some wine, lots of good eating, some wine, more singing and dancing and I think more wine.  Lots of pictures taken with the wagon.  Was a very fun evening and I am sure there will be lots of family memories about their trip to Wyoming talked about for years to come.  Thanks also to Shana from the lodge for all the help.

Vicki getting the camp set up Jeff regaling Vicki about his Flying E days Ray Callaway, friend and western entertainer keeping them captivated The whole family wondering when supper is going to be served
New York strips over mesquite in Wyoming Ray giving them one more song before the supper bell Having a grand evening around the chuck wagon


Got to provide a chuck wagon cookout to the Landis family for their sons wedding rehearsal dinner on the National Elk Refuge at the base of the Teton mountains.  Was a very dramatic setting.  One of the prettiest places on earth.  Was clear earlier in the day but had a series of storms pass thru with some much needed rain but also some very exicting photo opportunities.  We had a starter of cowboy caviar with the main meal of mesquite grilled ribeye steaks, 1/2 grilled chickens, dutch oven potatoes, asparagus with white wine cream sauce, caesar salad, dinner rolls, peach/blueberry cobbler, lemonade.  Everyone loved the wagon and camp and got a lot of thank you's and the meal was fabulous comments.  We really enjoyed the day and both family's, they were really nice and having a good time.  I think we got them off to a good start.

Setting up camp at the base of the Teton Mountains Vicki getting the chuck box ready to go Had a storm cell come thru so had to batton down the hatches for awhile Getting ready to serve some ribeyes
Had to cook with enclosed grills and gas because of the fire restrictions The wedding tent and the Gros Ventre mountins in the background The bride and several guests looking for dessert after another storm passed thru The Tetons and another storm giving us fits
Our office view for the day Vicki trying to decide if we should break camp or button back up and wait it out The chuck box and kitchen safe and dry Was clear when we set up camp but was changing fast
Despite the rain had a very nice day

We were asked to cater a supper and breakfast for the Tour De Wyoming group.  This is a group of bicyclest from Wyoming and all over the country and other parts of the world that go on a week long ride thru western Wyoming to see the country and all the sites.  We had 340 guests for supper and with the seconds and thirds we feed around 500 meals.  We set up camp at the school district office in the front lawn and they were camped out for a city block in all directions.  Didn't take long to round them all up.  One ring of the triangle and they came a runnin!  We had mesquite smoked pork, baked beans, caeser salad, penne pasta with broccoli, roasted red peppers, garlic, mushrooms and pine nuts in an olive oil sauce, we also had gluten free pasta, and chocolate chip bars.  They had Wes Wiginton from Dubois Wyoming singing western music and reciting some cowboy poetry.  The chuck wagon camp was the highlight of the evening, who doesn't like a really nice wagon.  Didn't get to have a camp fire cause of the fire restrictions but a wonderful evening was had by all.  The food was excellent, the music was grand and after a long day in the ol seat, a full belly doesn't hurt either.  The morning started at 2 am for Vicki and I getting ready for a early breakfast.  They had breakfast burritos with susage, green chiles, onions, mushrooms, cheese, 2 kinds of granola, several flavors of yogurt, milk, coffee, orange juice.  They didn't go away hungry and even had some of the trail workers eating at the wagon.  We had been having bad storms for a few days leading up to the event, but we had a fine evening and a really good morning so we got blessed with that.  Our new wagon fly that was made by Bravo tents out of Camas Washington worked perfectly.  We were able to put up sides and ends and take them down as needed with the weather and sure made our job easier, thanks Dave and Heather.  Meet lots of new folks and made some new friends from all over the country and introduced a lot of unrural folks to the chuck wagon and some great western food and hospatality.  Watch out for those guys on the road, one of them could be one of our new friends!

Just rang the dinner bell Every one getting settled in for their smoked pork dinner A bunch of hungry cycleist circleing the wagon 250 pounds of pork smoking for the 350 guests for supper, my that is looking good, and was good
They had some western music and poetry for the evenings entertainment Talk about your transportation changes from one century to the next Here is the breakfast kitchen that started at 2am the next morning, or was it one long day, can't remember 50 pounds of susage for the breakfast burritos, man those pedelers can eat
Starting to show up for the breakfast bell at 5:30am Couple new friends asked if they could belly up to the wagon to eat their morning chow, well sure you can The girls still had a smile in them even after getting started at 3am The last of the breakfast crowd getting one final rest before starting the ride to the next town or are they contemplating on having another burrito?