Cowboys are shy by nature and don't like to talk about themselves too much.  But when folks are paying you to work for them they like to know a little about you.  We value our customers very highly and our very proud of the professionl service we provide. 


Everyone has loved our excellent food and personal recipes with the greatest of care being taken in all the preperation for your special occasion.









Vicki spent over 24 years at Rancho De Los Caballeros in Wickenburg, Arizona.  A large and very prominant and historical guest ranch, most of that time being one of the kitchen Managers.  She has the knowledge and experience to put these events together and make them go off without a hitch.

I have been cooking for big parties, events, fund raisers, festivals and back country camps for over 30 years.  It is a great pleasure to put together a very well prepared meal and watch people enjoy.  We are not limited to just a chuck wagon camp, we can cater to fit any of your needs or themes without the wagon also.  We have lots of different equipment to meet most event needs



Hopefully we can meet in person and get to know each other better.  There is nothing like meeting someone on the trail and becoming friends.  Its the western way.  If you can't meet in person you can check us out on Facebook under  Western Range Catering.  We also do cooking demonstrations and cooking compititions and you can see where we will be next and stop by and say howdy.

We are proud and blessed to be doing what we like and can bring that feeling to others.  Gathering around the camp fire, eating a wonderful meal with all the authentic western flavor thrown in is a feeling everyone should experience.  And the sunsets are free, what a country.  We are always looking for new pards' to share things with so saddle up and lets hit the trail together.

If we are not cooking, we are usually outside or doing something with the grandchildren.  We seem to be always doing something to enjoy the great outdoors and the west.


Tommy Thomas

Ol' Jingle Bob Jones was a perky ol' man
At handlin' wild hosses' ~ or with a fryin pan.
His ranch was in the valley by the Powder river wide
Lots of good range for a cowboy to ride.

Ol' Jingle Bob had some kids and a plum good wife
They all worked together and had a good ranch life.
We'd been ridin' hard since before sunrise
Then ol' Jingle Bob rode up ~ and to our great surprise
He was just gettin' started ~ us young bucks was a'draggin
And it was plum after dark when we rode back to the wagon.

He was healthy as a mule and never took a pill
Always robust and strong, I never saw him ill.
We got to askin' how he kept in such fine condition
Not sittin' around like most ol' fellers ~ a'whittlin' or a fishin'.

Wipin' sweat from his brow, he began to reply
A smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.
Well he started in by talkin' in his slow western drawl
It all happened after roundup, just 50 years ago this fall.

I'd just got married, and was really in my prime
She and I agreed upon a plan, we thought would be just fine.
Whenever there came a time we both thought was right
Rather than to argue and end up in a fight
I would go outdoors ~ she'd stay in the house
When I figured she's cooled down, I'd creep back in ~ quiet as a mouse. 

For they say this married life is not in takin' but givin'
So you see ~ I credit my good health to 50 years of
Outdoor Livin'.